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Planning & Zoning

LaRue Planning and Management Services has provided planning and zoning services
to 58 municipalities and 22 counties throughout Florida for over two decades from our
Fort Myers office. In addition to our specialized planning projects, LaRue employees are currently serving as staff planners for 6 municipalities.

Our firm's goal is to prioritize client issues and present practical solutions to all planning projects in an environment of active public participation. Our team approach on all projects will provide our clients with a group of talented professionals ideally suited to
complete any planning services required.

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Organizational assessment

Organizational assessment programs are designed to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of your team. We will successfully tie the organization's mission to goals
and objectives while working with managers and staff to help meet those goals. Allow
us to share the knowledge we've gained from years of experience with local

government administration to provide a practical approach to any dilemma and customize strategies based on your organization's needs. Using our own experiences in the public sector, our staff is able to create very practical and workable solutions, and we look forward to serving as your Florida public management services resource.

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Management Training

Management training and development are a vital segment of the services provided by our firm. Such skills as delegation, motivation, ethics, conflict management and accountability are taught in order to improve the performance of public sector managers in cities, counties and at the state level.

The team's experience gives a unique perspective and understanding when approaching your problems. Creating practical solutions that will best serve your organization is top priority. Positive results are the driving force for what we do every day.

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